Gulet Charter in Turkey

The coastline of the southwest corner of Turkey is one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. A cruising environment rich in natural or historical attractions, safe anchorages within easy reach of each other, a constant breeze to fill the sails and a fair certainty that the sun will shine for your holiday. Good food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Clear Unpolluted waters. Hospitalable locals and, if and when the wilderness gets too oppressive, the opportunity to have a night on the town. Most yachting havens in the world offer one or more of these to the yacht vacationer. Very few can present all. Turkey is one of the very few that has even more to give: Over 3000 years of history and culture in a land where orient merges with the Occident.
Take an adventure along the Turkish coast and discover a unique yachting holiday unlike any other. Spend your days enjoying endless sunshine, swimming in warm seas, visiting historical sites, and being pampered by your crew. Cruise to a treasure-chest of coves, inlets, and bays. Spend your nights anchored in protected coves under a brilliant Milky Way. Dive into sapphire seas and discover fish swimming among the ruins of ancient cities. At night, the sea shimmers. Time becomes meaningless and it's easy to forget that a modern world exists beyond the horizon.
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